Monday, October 10, 2011

When You're Black In Japan?

I got a link to this video from a Facebook group I'm in.

When it comes to Japanese people and culture we know that there are Americans who try to embrace Japanese culture to the point that they erase the identities of Japanese people and that's before you get to the fetishization of Asian women. But did you know that there are some Japanese people who seem to like black culture in ways that may be a bit too much?

In the video you see a teenage girl by the name of Hina talking about her love of black culture. She embraces the dress, the dance, and even the skin color. Yes Hina goes to tanning beds in order to darken her skin.

Mind you this segment was being done from the perspective of Hina being different the usual cultural norm that pale skin is beautiful.

I'm all for people who find a subculture that they identify with and want to embrace but when it comes to cultures that are tied to a specific group of people I get a little weary about why they wish to embrace the culture. Is it because they have a similar belief system? Do they think it "looks cool"? But if you get like that about it you can say that nearly ever subculture from punk to goth to hipster is tied to a specific group.

What do you think?