Saturday, November 19, 2011

Minneapolis Police Officer Drives Into Unarmed Non-Violent Protester

From Today as 100+ members of Occupy Minneapolis met at Sa'ra Kaiser's house to help protect her from foreclosure, the mortgage company who owns the home called the Minneapolis Police Department to report trespassing.  As police arrived to see the house occupied by protesters protecting the home for Sa'ra, they asked protesters to leave, citing that because they could not verify the official ownership of the home, they could not allow protesters to remain.  One individual, Michael, was arrested by Minneapolis Police on charges of burglary. Another protester, Devin, was arrested shortly after on charges of obstructing justice-- following a Minneapolis police officer pushing an unarmed and non-violent Devin -- down the street with his vehicle:

Devin and Michael remain in the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center, where, given the nature of the charges they must wait at least 36 hours before bail is considered. 

UPDATE: It was eventually determined by City attorneys that, given the uncertain ownership of the home, police are not able to prevent protesters from occupying the home at this time.