Monday, January 02, 2012

Most Viewed Posts of 2011 [that's right, another end-of-year Top Ten list!]

Inspired by Alas, A Blog's recent post, I decided to see what our most widely-read blog posts of 2011 were.  The Top Ten (drumroll, please):

Distributism, a blog post that contained precisely three original words, yielded a whopping 638 pageviews;

Still Think Intent Doesn't Matter? received 695 pageviews;

American Aristocracy and the Return of Prosperity received 772 pageviews;

Weiner's Wiener, whose accompanying image is mysteriously MIA, got an annoying 802 pageviews;

Best Films of the Decade got 830 pageviews;

Discussion Thread: Politicians came in at 961 views;

One Industry That Should Never Be Privatized was viewed  978 times;

A Story About the End of the World had 1,093 views;

You Cannot Vote In Favor of Defining Marriage As Between One Man and One Woman Without Being A Bigot, a post with likely the longest title in the world, came in at 1,405; and last but not least, with 2,498 pageviews, is

"Nice Guys," Sex, and Self-Confidence.

Also, since the blog's move form Wordpress to Blogger, we've been viewed a total of 96,182 times!  Woo!  Thanks for all your awesome reading, readers, and our awesome writing, fellow writers.  Here's to an even more well-read 2012!