Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Open Thread

PhotobucketJust a quick note to say that I've started a new semester, and am now enrolled full-time, so my brain is mostly elsewhere at the moment. I'm pretty happy about one class I am taking online, American Government, though, because it consists primarily of arguing with people about politics on a message board, and submitting a few essays. So, basically, I'm going to get academic credit for the equivalent of my existing participation in the blogosphere.

I'm also working on a new blog concept with a few friends, which is taking a bit of time, as well. (ethecofem is not going anywhere; this idea is a new and separate one entirely and I will surely and excitedly tell you all about it when it's up and running, hopefully soon.)

This just means that I won't be writing many posts of any real substance for a couple months, but I will probably post a lot of conversation starters, because I've been really appreciating the discussions around here lately, especially as we continue to add more contributors.

Also, I've just recently discovered the fun of "open threads," so I declare this to be one.

How's it going?