Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Road trip!

The day after tomorrow, I'll be out of state, attending a family reunion in Michigan.  I'm pretty excited, although the drive will be loooong (between 12 - 15 hours).  We'll be headed out caravan-style Thursday night, and returning sometime Monday.  I'm pretty excited.  We have these reunions once every couple years, and while I wish it had been in the Anaheim, California area as originally planned (because who doesn't want to vacation in California?), I'm pretty stoked to get out of here for a while, regardless, and Michigan's always lovely this time of year.  It's always a blast to see my family, who come from all over the country -- and as of lately, across the pond, as we have discovered a cousin in England who will be there with his wife! -- to be there.  

On a random note, it's funny, I never consider the Upper Peninsula to actually be a part of Michigan.  Why isn't it a part of Wisconsin?  I mean, they're attached and all.  It would make sense, wouldn't it?  Geographical decisions are so weird.

I also wish we could just take a ferry across Lake Michigan to avoid Illinois and Indiana.  So much driving.  I loved these long road trips so much as a kid, before I was obligated to share driving responsibilities.  Ever driven through Chicago rush hour?  It apparently lasts all day long and is suicide-inducing.  And dear god, I love you more with every recall, Wisconsin, but you're dreadfully boring to drive through, and Indiana is chock full of semis, which I also find terrifying (there are few things that go on a freeway that do not terrify me).

It's been a long time since I've been on a road trip that wasn't to-and-from Minnesota, Michigan, and Missouri, but I do recall some very beautiful scenery on past trips.  New Mexico and Arizona rank waaaay up there in terms of Most Beautiful, and everywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line wins Most Different From What I'm Used To.  They really have red dirt down there!  Not used to that in Minnesota.  Oh, but who can forget the terrifying drive from Minnesota to Washington State?  The mountains in Montana and Idaho were so intense.  Absolutely phenomenal to look at, but I was certain I was going to die with every twisty mountain turn. 

The drive from Minnesota to Texas was terribly boring, although I remember the Amarillo sunset being astoundingly beautiful when we drove to California in 1998.  All I could think of was the George Straight song, Amarillo By Morning.  I took a lot of pictures.  

As for an unpleasant memory, Kentucky is full of foul-smelling and tasting water.  So much of my two Kentucky experiences were just confusingly gross.   Perhaps I was in the wrong part of Kentucky.

What has been your favorite road trip scenery, most beautiful geographic location you've seen, or favorite vacation destination?