Tuesday, August 23, 2011

These links have no name.

It's come to our attention that between the bunch of us here we come across way too many things to post about during the week so we need a place to share those things that are interesting but maybe not interesting enough for a full post or perhaps there's not enough time in the week to post on them. To that end we present to you our roundup for the week (mental note, come up with clever or cool name).

Are you interested in blogging but don't have the resources to open a full time shop of your own? Do you already run your own shop but would like to join a group? Have something to say that and want a place to say it? Then give us a holler over at ethecofem[at]gmail[dot]com.

Sex, sexism, boundaries, and coercion: Toy Soldier with a few words on a oral sex post from Feministe.

Racialicious has a great post up about interracial dating, in the form of a panel discussion where black women share their experiences with interracial dating and their families' and friends' reactions to their relationships, and the acceptability of interracial dating in general.

April started yet another blog, which is more personal in nature. Random posts about random things will be randomly published there. Check it out, if you wish. Contains lots of pictures that are probably of little interest to most people, and personal anecdotes and/or rants, as these are her specialty.

Warren gives some reasons why Perry should not be voted for, by anyone. An exhaustive list; do check it out.

Grace of Alas, A Blog challenges conservatives to refute her points. The blog post, as well as the ensuing discussion, are fantastic, as Alas posts and comment threads tend to be.

'Fight gender inequality by empowering men': While I appreciate that more and more people are getting around to the idea that men need help I can't help but notice how the call for lending men a helping hand is still made via, "If we want to help women we should help men too." How would you (yes you reading this) feel if someone pretty much said the only reason they were helping you was because it would benefit other people. Is there some directive against helping men for the sake of men themselves that I didn't hear about?

Jon Stewart asks an important question: Why is the mainstream media flat-out and deliberately ignoring Ron Paul? (video.)

Oh, look. Since Florida passed the law requiring welfare applicants to be screened for drugs in order to qualify for benefits, not only were there only 2 positive drug tests out of 40 (one of which is being appealed), but it costs taxpayers more money to drug-test welfare applicants. I'm completely and 100% not the slightest bit surprised by this finding.

Anderson Cooper is adorable when he giggles.

Conservative contradictions for the win!

Jeff Fecke on why we need to, pretty much, just shut up and support Obama to avoid a Republican win in 2012.  I vacillate between agreeing and disagreeing with him on this for a variety of reasons.  I've commented over there with my thoughts on the matter if you're interested.  Check it out.

Some friends of mine make music, and I like it.  Listen, and like them on Facebook!  Thaught is only one half of the creative genius, though, so don't forget to like the group AdverseEffect, too.  Not sure if Mr. A has a page.

Bisexual men can now relax with the official verification that they do, in fact, exist.

On the problem with the gold hysteria.

It's NEVER not fun to laugh at hipsters!  (Some people call them emo, instead.)