Thursday, October 27, 2011

Video of the Day - OccupyMN helps a woman renegotiate the terms of her foreclosure

Check out the City Pages article about this action:

Ruth Murman needed two extra weeks to pack up her and her elderly father's things and get them out of the home she is losing to foreclosure. Her mortgage lender, US Bank, said no dice. The eviction was set for October 31.
That was before an Occupy MN protester came walking up her driveway. Hours after the occupiers got her story up on YouTube in preparation for a protest at US Bank, Murman says, she got a call from the bank. She could have her two weeks.
"I would probably have been in the hospital if I had to be out of here on Monday," says Murman. "Occupy MN was so fabulous."
In light of this success, Occupy MN is now actively recruiting foreclosure families like Murman's.
So, tell your foreclosed-upon Minnesotan friends!